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Surrendering a beloved pet is a reality for many, a difficult decision driven by the desire to give your pet the best life possible. Complicated life circumstances interrupt many journeys of pet parenthood. Whether you’re experiencing health issues, financial struggles, or sudden relocation; sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of choice.

Committing to rehoming your pet is difficult enough and navigating the process itself is often uncharted territory. How can you ensure that your dog or cat isn’t going to share the trauma associated with animal shelters? How can you be certain you’re sending your pet off to live the best life possible? Where do you find your pet’s perfect forever family?

Rehome with Love is a service that eases the pet rehoming process by going above and beyond to match your pet to the family you’re looking for. Our team of adoption specialists combines years of experience and a network of resources to handle every step of the rehoming process. As a premier pet placement service, we’re dedicated to making the rehoming process as paw-sitive as possible.

Pets on the Rehome with Love platform are actively promoted as long as needed to find their fur-ever home, as we work extensively with families from coast to coast to find the purr-fect fit. You won’t find a more dedicated, loving advocate for your pet’s future.



    "This is an amazing organization offering loving, personal, and detailed support for rehoming a beloved pet. Thank you Lauren!"

    - Amy Glenn

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